The Strong

Contracting Division

Contracting Division

The strength of the Contracting Division has been the discerning management that has a talented and committed pool of Human Resources, providing quality and innovative solutions.

An essential profile of the division includes an in-depth understanding of the technical as well as aesthetical aspect of the customer’s business that are reciprocated by the most cost effective and feasible solutions.

The Contracting Division of East Coast has allegiance to a continually improving environment with sustainable growth solutions that are in the best interest of both the customers, the stakeholders and the company.

Electromechanical Division

Electromechanical Division

This division of East Coast, is a well known Electromechanical contracting provider, that is dedicated to quality and perfection. The division boasts of a dexterous team of professionals who have displayed their skills and gained enriching experience both in national and international markets in
the fields of systems.

The core competency of the division ranges from Plumbing, Drainage, Fire fighting and Electrical systems. Furthermore, Electromechanical division also designs, executes, installs and maintains complete HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical systems along with the procurement and purchasing of the material and equipment required for a project.

Aluminium Glass Division

Aluminum & Glass Division

Founded in 2008 in Fujairah, the Aluminum & Glass Division of East Coast became a successful endeavor in a short span of time through a determined market vision and excellence at every level of the project. The commitment of a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is the backbone of all achievements and repute earned over the years that has enabled the division to execute projects in other emirates – Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Since inception, the company has successfully executed numerous glass, stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel projects, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, contract requirements and time schedules.

Transport Division

Al Fahad Transport

Al Fahad Transport is one of the leading transportation facilitator in the UAE. The Transport Division provides land transportation services mainly for building materials using its fleet of heavy trucks. It also provides equipments on rental such as rollers, mobile and tower cranes, six wheel trucks, flat trailers, etc. The transportation division also extends its services to providing materials for road contractors in different projects right from the quarries as per the specifications required.

Today, as transportation becomes an imperative part of daily commercial life hence special attention is given to the wear and tear of the vehicles. Thus a full-fledged, well-equipped workshop has been set up to carry out repairs for trucks and heavy equipment’s for many clients.