The Measures
to Success


East Coast Contracting and Trading LLC, is committed to providing quality and timely services to its customers within a working environment that is safe and risk resistant for the employees. This has been successfully achieved through an effective implementation of quality, health and safety policy by complying to ISO9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

At East Coast, the progress and achievements of the company are dependent on the initiative of the work force to complete tasks undertaken efficiently, timely and in an environmentally conscious manner. There is an incessant endeavor to continually improve the quality, health and safety management system by:

    • Complying with applicable current and future legal and other regulations to improve the effectiveness of the system.
    • Providing a competent workforce, adequate resources and adopting technological know-how for bettering processes.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality and timely services.
    • Setting standards for quality, health and safety systems that undergo periodic assessments and aid in the development of new policies.
    • Communicating, understanding and practicing the quality, health and safety policy across all levels of the organisation; and also making it available on request to all interested parties and general public.
    • All employees at East Coast are responsible for the implementation and compliance to the quality, health and safety management policy.